CEDAE - Nova Iguaçu, RJ

Construction of Water Supply Network in Cabuçu neighborhood, Nova Iguaçu City, RJ.

Subway Line 5 - Metro SP

Civil Works on stations at Subway line 5 - Metro SP


Sabesp - ITI7

Construction of the ITI7 - Tiete River and ITA1J - Anhangabaú River sewer interceptor, under the Tietê River Depollution Program (Stage IV), in São Paulo, SP.

PMBH - Terminal BH

Long-term concession contract, in order to built and operate the new Bus Terminal in the city of Belo Horizonte, MG

Prodesp - Poupatempos

Construction and operation of two Public Service Centers, in the cities of Marília and Caraguatatuba, in São Paulo.


Embasa - Paulo Afonso

Construction of the sanitary sewage in the city of Paulo Afonso, BA

SABESP - Praia Grande

Construction of the sanitary sewage under the Program "Onda Limpa", in the city of Praia Grande, SP.

IMM Montevideo - Uruguai

Sanitary sewage recovery and the extension of Rede Arteaga in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Sabesp - IPI6

Construction of the sewer interceptor along Marginal Pinheiros, in São Paulo, SP.

CPTM - Estação Luz

Construction of the Control Operation Center and the connection tunnel between Metro and CPTM stations (Luz), in São Paulo, SP


Long-term concession contract, in order to manage 516 km (322 miles) of São Paulo state highways.


dataSites - Data Center

Construction and operation of a facility used to host servers equipment, provide internet links and services associated with IT works.

Embasa - Alto Camurugipe System

Construction of the sanitary sewage system of Camurugipe Area in Salvador, BA.

Águas de Marilia Concession

Long-term concession contract of a water production plant, in the city of Marilia, SP.

PMSP - Aricanduva Stream

Channeling construction of the Aricanduva Stream, in São Paulo

PMSP - Jaguaré Stream

Reinforcement gallery of the Jaguaré Stream, construction of Avenida Escola Politécnica and relocation of slum dwellers.

Metro - Estação Clínicas Metro

Access tunnel for pedestrians in Clinicas subway station, in São Paulo.


CBTU - São Caetano / Luz

Railroad infrastructure recovery between São Caetano and Luz Station, in São Paulo.

CBTU - Ribeirão Pires/Mauá

Railroad infrastructure recovery between Ribeirão Pires and Mauá, SP.

CBTU - Railroad Patio

Construction of CBTU railroad patio in the neighborhood of Guaianazes, in São Paulo, SP

PMSP - Tiquatira Stream

Construction of Tiquatira Stream, in São Paulo, SP.


Usiminas - Tunnel

Construction of the drainage system in the Pátio McLaren to Usiminas, in the city of Ipatinga, MG.

PMSP - Nove de Julho

Construction of the drainage system under Av. Nove de Julho, in São Paulo.

CHERP - Access Road

Construction of an access road to Usina Água Vermelha, in São Paulo.


PM Jacareí - City Hall

Construction of Jacareí City Hall, SP.

CHERP - Barragem Anhembi

Construction of a dam in the city of Anhembi, SP